For Don Cherry, it’s Toronto vs Toronto

You would think that hockey fans, especially out here in Western Canada, would get a chance to rejoice when the Toronto Maple Leafs fail to make the playoffs, meaning the CBC network should finally be forced to focus on other teams and topics. You would think.

When it comes to Coach’s Corner, however, Don Cherry once again flexes his muscles, or vocal chords, and demonstrates how his tyrannical rule holds sway or just simply drowns out what other voices or opinions there may be at the network.

You would think that there could be a million more interesting things to talk about during the first intermission of the May 13th Pittsburgh-Philadelphia game than the Toronto Marlies. Who? That’s right, the Toronto Marlies. The Toronto hockey team that is not in the NHL. Because talking about the Leafs directly may result in irate viewers, he insults our intelligence further and stoops even lower by talking about the farm team and how certain players should be given an opportunity to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

What’s worse, after realizing that he could be infuriating viewers, he justifies his rant by saying that the two current head coaches for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia played in the same league as the Toronto Marlies. What? So why not focus on the coaches and relating it more to today’s game rather than just mentioning them as an afterthought with one sentence after showing clips upon clips of Toronto Marlies players scoring.

I thought I was watching the NHL playoffs but, during Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry, someone just tuning in would think that Toronto was playing Toronto.

-Patrick Law


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