Commercialization of Hockey: The Shootout

Perhaps I am making a little bit too much of this but I guess, from a purest standpoint, I felt some discomfort watching the latest Gatorade Sidney Crosby commercial. As you can see from the video above, they select the shootout as being the most important, most clutch, most heroic moment that defines a player.

However, in the NHL, there are no shootouts during the playoffs and shootouts do not determine championships. To me, it just felt kind of anti-climatic, with the build-up, the music, and then a shootout which almost individualizes and trivializes what is a great team sport.

But, I guess we are reminded that this is entertainment, and the most marketable aspects of the game must be chosen to attract people. However, I still can’t help feeling that this kind of commercialization glamorizes certain components that in reality contribute very little to what it truly means to be a clutch hero and leader in sports.

-Patrick Law


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