Utilizing Your Nose Hairs

Nose hairs are usually seen as a social inconvenience and aesthetically unpleasing. Yes, they usually have to be removed, but why not have some fun doing it and simultaneously use it for other functions as well!

Instead of wasting money on those beauty tools that remove a whole swath with one sweep almost too easily, why not take your time and milk every pull of strand for all its worth.

Do you need to quickly generate tears to show off your sensitive, emotional, and tender side? Pull out a nose hair manually with your fingers and feel the burn!

Are you allergic to certain social situations and need to escape? For some reason, pulling out nose hairs manually causes an irresistible urge to sneeze. Try it. Amazing. This will make the excuse of your allergies acting up more believable when trying to make your get away.

Finally, we often eat hot peppers or other spicy food to clean out our system. At times, almost to even wake us up. Maybe we desire that ‘smelling salt’ effect? Well, if you are caught in a place or situation without access to food or other aids, use yourself and use your own nose hairs. Pull hard! To get even more of an effect, try to dig deep with your fingers to find a shorter strand that is not loose, and pull real hard!

What a way to clean out your system! Free!

-Patrick Law


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