The Empowerment in Being Listless?

Will lists help procrastinators? There are widgets in igoogle, mac widgets, or just plane yellow sticky notes or day planners may do as well. Do they help?

For me, sheepishly, I find myself cheating the system and almost making it counterproductive. There may be a task that can be done within a minute or two, but I put off doing it until I can go to my computer and enter it into the fancy widget. Then I may or may not do it, because I see a whole bunch of other tasks on the list that may need tending to.

Sometimes, even very simple and quick tasks, I purposely put on the list so I can feel a satisfaction of crossing it out. Quite honestly, there is no real satisfaction, especially when I realize it takes me so much effort, planning, to do what most do without thinking. I’m almost tempted to put the word ‘breathe’ on my list, and then cross it out. Repeatedly. What happens when one day I forget to look it up? And don’t cross it out? Will I die? Will I forget to breathe?

Ridiculous! Maybe this is a warning for me to not take lists so seriously. As I’m writing this, I’m currently hugging my knee towards myself and having a good laugh. If I can bottle up this feeling, maybe can learn to relax and let go in the future, and allow somebody else to hug me like this.



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