Winter Window Art: The Amalgamation of Light


Please do not get angry at me for putting this picture up, especially those of you in Calgary. In Calgary, after a lengthy winter with lots of snowfall well into spring, we are finally having a string of more seasonal conditions with warmth and sunshine. Yet, here I am posting a picture that is more suitable in the archives of winter?

I hope folks don’t think I’m putting another jinx into the weather system and summoning the clouds to make a return. Admittedly, I am a winter fanatic who is suffering withdrawal from the slopes, so maybe this picture will ease my symptoms a bit. While it slightly massages my cravings, perhaps you see it more as a nightmare. No worries. Then use it as motivation to value and appreciate the spring/summer as intensely as possible.

Another reason for this image is to encourage us to try to find the positives of any weather pattern and attempt to interpret the creations of our climate creatively from any vantage point. Here, even in the extreme cold, it can still give us the delight of a snowflake design frozen into a delicious pattern upon the window. It’s as if art has paid a personal visit, and invites us to see the potential of weather in a different light. In this specific picture, the freezing imprint catches our gaze just long enough so that we can notice the juxtaposition of our indoor lighting reflected and crossing paths with rays from the outdoor world. What normally is separated is melded together into a new view, available from our own personal windows.

Since I am having difficulty with spring and summer, can someone suggest to me a picture in these seasons to touch my soul?

-Patrick Law


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