Guilt and the Modern Day Diet

It is exciting to welcome the first diary entry from our guest author Sheri. You can read more of her work at her blog: 

It’s insightful to get another perspective on how someone deals with the demands of time and the mounting tasks and responsibilities that come along with it. In Sheri’s description below, though she describes it as a struggle, you will notice that she indeed got a lot done in her day. For procrastinating, that is still pretty productive. And through her writing, she always maintains her sense of humor and vibrancy. Enjoy her work below!

Okay, okay.  Thanks to Patrick’s post I am looking back at my meals today. Hmmm, let’s see, breakfast. Oh, yes, the hopping from here to there, answer phone, get dressed while eating, forgot to start the washer, water the dogs, and throw out a rotten apple sitting beside the toaster meal.  That was relaxing.  

What about lunch?  Well, my father made me a sandwich which I ate while working on his laptop to set up some shortcuts and correct some problems.  My mother was asking me questions about songs for her Senior Citizen Center gig with the Last Stand Band she plays with and of course the television was on.  I think I had chips with the sandwich…and something to drink…can’t really remember…Sure, a quiet time of bonding with some kind of ground meat sandwich, oops, that wasn’t what we’re looking for at meals.

Supper.  Hmmm, oh, we had company and my husband fried fish we caught the day before.  It was a last minute meal and I like to cook using the roll with the punches philosophy.  I whipped up some rice pilaf and a vegetable mixture.  My friend made the dip for the fish and attempted to clean the “contamination zone” that is my dining room table.  A few things were still on the table from our Mother’s Day meal.  She was there.  She knows I had the same piles earlier.  Of course the cook never has a very relaxing meal so my husband, cooking in the yard, and I were busy running around and filling trays and making sure our guests were enjoying the delicious walleye.  

So modern day life interferes with the fun of just sitting and relaxing with a good meal.  I’m gonna try harder…like the car rental place…and see if I can’t turn that contamination zone into a dining experience.  My goal:  check the table twice a day and make sure it is free of all stacks, unnecessary stuff and paper products not used in the consumption of food…yeah, I can do it.  Go, Sheri, go.  I think I’ll let the dogs keep the under side of the table slurped clean…that will save a few minutes.  Maybe if I smear a little peanut butter on it.



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One response to “Guilt and the Modern Day Diet

  1. Did you hear the recent news about some researchers doing a study to try to quantify in numbers how much mothers should be paid if it were a full-time job? I think the number was somewhere around 150 000 (as a starting point, hehe).

    Well, after hearing Grandma Sheri’s story, in this fast-paced world, maybe a grandmother’s salary shouldn’t be that far behind.

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