From ‘Dressing Scantily’ to ‘Washroom Timings’ to the ‘Second-Hand Smoker Guilt’

To prevent procrastination, two minutes maximum to write on each topic. Let’s go, go, go!

Spring Cleaning Fashion

With the start of spring being delayed because of prolonged snow and rain, when the sunshine finally arrives for brief stretches, are people more desperate to immerse into the season? I ask because, in Calgary, 2008, with warm weather days being few and far between, when we do get the sun, are there more people wearing less clothing than years before? Are we desperate to take advantage even if it’s not even that warm? Are we pretending, fantasizing? Or do we just wear less clothing because our genes have improved due to evolution? Regardless, it just appears that people are more eager to shed off layers this year than in the past.

Washroom Bargains: Three trips for the price of one!

You know you’ve been in the washroom a long time, perhaps losing track of time, when you get up, wipe, wash your hands and just as you are about to leave, turn back around because you notice that you have to go again. Pee, poo, and then pee again, all within one trip.

I’m a Healthy Weakling

I went to an establishment that had second-hand smoke last night. Today, I’ve been sneezing all day. The smoke must have kick started some kind of allergic reaction. This proves that my body and health systems are weak, unable to fend off a night of smoke. It also gives credence to people who argue that we shouldn’t hide ourselves from exposure to all potential harm and dangers. I have avoided smoke religiously for years and now my immune system gets shocked and is not ready for even a minor trespassing of the fumes. Okay, I’m just giving myself my own medical excuse and rationalization for revisiting the Grey Eagle Casino again, and often, to sample more of their excellent buffet while getting my body used to fighting second-hand smoke again. How do I explain to my mother and convince her that is true that I went to a smoking establishment not to smoke, and to a casino specifically not to gamble? I feel like I’m such a sinner, even though I cannot really pinpoint what I did wrong?

-Patrick Law



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7 responses to “From ‘Dressing Scantily’ to ‘Washroom Timings’ to the ‘Second-Hand Smoker Guilt’

  1. Zal

    Pat… you write hilarious blogs!

    Hmmm.. you went to a casino over the weekend, eh? I’ve also been known to frequent some gambling establishments both in Calgary and in Sin City.

    Fortunately, the casinos in Vegas are so gargantuan, that the smoke from cigarettes has no effect on the patrons. Also, the casinos pump large amounts of oxygen into the gaming floors for two reasons… First, to assist in dispersing the smoke. Second, to keep the gamblers awake in order to continue gambling.

    Another interesting fact with casinos (at least in Vegas)… you will not find a wall clock anywhere. They don’t want you knowing what time of day (or night) it is, and have to head off for someplace else.

    I have to admit it… I’m a huge fan of how casinos operate. What other business can have their customers go in, fully cognizant of the fact that they’re most likely going to lose money, yet continue to do it over and over and over again? Not only that, they have ATMs conveniently located on the casino floor so they don’t have far to travel to get more cash. Brilliant…

  2. Hello Zal,
    Thanks for visiting and taking time to submit your thoughts. Glad you find some of the materials here enjoyable and entertaining.

    Yes, I was at the casino, but don’t tell my mother. Or if you do, at least back me up and verify that I was only there for the food, psychological observations, and gathering blog writing ideas.

    I love your insights on how casinos operate and their methods to aid customers into losing track of time and continue gambling. I must have spent over an hour after dinner just walking and observing with my friend, without playing one game or spending any money. The ‘eyes in the sky’ cameras must have been suspicious, but my intentions were honest. In addition to playing tricks with time that you already mentioned, they had a live band playing retro music to set the mood. I don’t know how many times I saw people jiving to the tunes, losing money, singing along, and grabbing their wallet to exchange more chips.

    I fell in love observing a woman playing at a Caribbean Stud Poker table. She kept losing money, but kept making conversation with strangers who sat down and taught them the rules and how to play. It’s amazing people just learn while they play, while they lose, and not watch first. That animated and vibrant woman seemed to spend more time and focus on helping people with their hands rather than on her own. I think people sat at that table longer just because of her presence. Does she work undercover for the casino? Hehehe, if she does, I feel a bit cheated. If she is an honest customer, I really am in love.

  3. Zal

    Heh heh… you bring up another excellent point about how casinos operate.

    Though I’m not sure if the woman you mention is an employee, many casinos do have workers sit at tables to entice others to join in and play (these employees are knows as “coolers”).

    I also finished reading the book “Bringing Down The House” which is a good read about the MIT students that took Vegas for millions of dollars through card counting at BlackJack. The recent movie, “21”, was based on this book as well.

  4. It is intriguing to study the casinos…we flew to Wendover, NV last year on this three day cheapie thing. Had a blast, but what a study of casinos! They have you basically trapped…bus you between 3 casinos they own and it is interesting. The lights, the trained employees, even the colors…and mirrors…mirrors everywhere. Oh, and I’m a smoking snob. I swear I have become so prejudiced against smokers and the pollution they contribute to my surrounding vicinity I sometimes think I need counseling. I am getting so blooming uppity! Don’t you love the residual smell your little hairs in the nose seem to absorb…

  5. Zal,
    Wow, you are really into this with depth. I like it. With your passion for the casinos, and your knowledge, you should find some way into the business, hehehe. Did the MIT students eventually get caught? Did they have to return the money, or can you actually get put in jail and charged for a crime when card counting?

    Yeh…I totally can understand the discomfort with smoke. If it weren’t for the smoke, I’m sure I would stay a lot longer, but I’m also sure casinos aren’t happy with me. I have so much fun watching, and observing, that I have no urge to play with my own money.

  6. I worked in the vault of a casino for about a year. Yes, I was probably counting your money… hehehe.

    I detest the smell of smoke, but work in a smoking office. The first day I came home my hubby thought I had stopped at a bar on my way from work. My hair and clothes reek of cigarettes forcing me to shower as soon as I come thru the door.

    If you Mom asks, we will be sure to tell her that you are there for the great food. 😉

  7. Betme,
    Wow, seems like so many of us have casino experiences even though it may not directly relate to gambling itself. Maybe the responses to this post should encourage me to attend again without having to worry about putting any money down.

    Yes, when I smell of smoke, I get all these looks and questions about whether I just had a turning point in my life, and went the other way. And some even get excited that I may have a night life! Nope, sorry, not going to happen.

    Thanks for considering my mother, as she worries about me. If she questions, I’m just going to direct her to this blog as evidence. My cyber friends, backing me up! And I’m not joking, the food is really, really good! I have yet to show this blog to my mother. Freud has nothing to do with it.

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