When the Last Rep Isn’t the Last Rep

Front squats using a dumbbell. The trainer was motivating me to keep the correct form: squeeze the gluts, don’t let the knees cave inwards, use the bigger muscles, keep the core tight. It was a struggle, but during the third set after hitting five good form repetitions in a row, I finally got the verbal approval from the trainer I was waiting for: ‘Good job, Patrick!’

Exhausted and relieved in finishing the last exercise of the day on a high note, I quickly dropped the weight, recovered my breath, and placed the weight back on the rack. But wait, hehehe. The trainer wasn’t finished. There was some unexpected feedback and another valuable learning opportunity. He pointed out the irony of how I would do 5 great repetitions of squats using ideal form, but then carelessly risk throwing out my back with the way I haphazardly bent over all ‘loosey-goosey’ to hurriedly place the weight back.

Great point! You know you have the right trainer when he not only observes you during sets, but in between and after sets as well! He reminded me that, when putting the weight away, to lift and move with the same form and technique as I would when doing the exercise itself. Indeed! It would be a shame to have a great workout and ruin it during the clean up phase!

Enjoy your own explosiveness!

-Patrick Law



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4 responses to “When the Last Rep Isn’t the Last Rep

  1. Zal

    Oh yeah… personal trainers are definitely worth the time and money. I recently completed many sessions with a personal trainer at my gym, and have learned new exercises for endurance, stamina, and strength.

    I had no idea what plyometrics were a couple months back, but now they’re an integral part of my workout routine. Who would’ve thought jumping on and off boxes would be such a great workout!

  2. Shkitty

    You two are putting me to shame! I gotta get serious, I’m trying to workout more legs and core lately but the pace of life just seems to keep speeding up.
    We just recently purchaced new bicycles from Costco as well as a baby bike trailer. I hooked up the trailer with Natalie (21 months) and Isaac (6 years) in it at the same time and went for a 1 hour ride through my area and surrounding park. What a great lower body workout!

  3. Exercise is a dirty word. Everytime I say it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate! 😀

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to spend a great deal more time on the wieght training. I tend to lean more towards the cardio.

  4. Zal,
    Good to hear the enthusiasm for your training. Yes, working with a trainer gives a shot of new ideas, and I especially like how exercises introduced are often different than traditional gym exercises, and make use of body weight, boxes, etc… so they can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment.

    No shame at all! I think perhaps you have the most intense workout program of us all – the family workout! Hehehe… Way to get the clan outdoors and active. We still have to arrange an outing where we meet each other the back way through short cuts in Fish Creek park with either bikes or rollerblades. I think the back way is even faster than driving a car the normal way. Let’s rebel against high gas prices by leaving our imprints on the trails of Fish Creek!

    Nothing wrong with cardio. But mixing it up does give some variety. I think Zal was into cardio for the longest time, long distance running, and he then incorporated some weights and agility work, and that ended up making the cardio even better. Personal trainers can help keep you on your toes, surprising you, confusing you, so that boredom and staleness never set it. And it saves time. They give me a better workout in 40 minutes than what I do myself in 2 hours.


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