Get Used to TSN, CBC, Being in Your Bed! (Response to ‘Leafs poised to name Wilson head coach’; Calgary Herald, 03 Jun 2008, Page F4)

So, it’s anticipated that Ron Wilson, former San Jose Sharks’ coach, will take control of the Toronto Maple Leafs. No doubt he is a fine coach who just couldn’t quite get the Sharks over the last hurdle to the Stanley Cup. However, there may be more than a few of us who are wondering aloud if it’s the right fit.

Don’t many of his interviews and public persona over his career consist of undertones of annoyance with the Canadian media and even Canada in general? The most recent example stems from earlier in the Stanley Cup playoffs when a reporter from TSN asked a question relating to the play of Patrick Marleau (hinting that the Sharks may need more from him) and Ron Wilson refused to consider the question. In fact, he abruptly ended the interview by storming off the set, mumbling “That’s Canada for you… *** TSN… yeh…always so negative!”

Mr. Ron Wilson. That question to you when you were a Sharks’ coach will seem like grade school compared to the onslaught you are going to receive from the Toronto media!

-Patrick Law

Leafs poised to name Wilson head coach
Calgary Herald
03 Jun 2008

The search for a president and general manager remains ongoing. But the Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly found someone to coach the beleaguered NHL franchise next season. Ron Wilson, who was fired by the San Jose Sharks after the team was…read more…


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