No Shame in Falling for the Pittsburgh Penguins

I know that the Pittsburgh Penguins just lost the Stanley Cup to Detroit, but just wanted to post a quick, brief message congratulating them on their accomplishments and helping me rediscover some of my own passion for the game and sport in general. Their youthful energy, playfulness, and sense of naivety gives motivation for all of us to sometimes just immerse whole-heartily and trial by fire, trial by error, and laugh and learn along the way without fearing mistakes.

Remember in Game 1 when Marc-Andre Fleury, the goaltender, tripped upon entering the ice? His nervousness is emblematic of all our nervousness, but that it’s okay to laugh and know we all have fallen on the biggest of stages. And that it is the same game we’ve always played throughout our lives and to never forget the joys and reasons why we play in the first place.

I’ve provided links to two YouTube clips. First one is of Fleury falling. The second is a Sidney Crosby commercial, where he falls as a youngster. I just thought of these clips as I thought about the Pittsburgh team. (There’s a better Tim Horton’s commercial showing Sidney Crosby helping a minor hockey kid get up as he enters the ice, but I couldn’t find the clip anywhere)

We fall when we’re young, we fall when we’re older, we fall in the Stanley Cup, but we fall because we dare to play with emotions in the game of our lives! -Patrick Law

Click Here to See Marc-Andre Fleury’s Falling Entrance!

Click Here to See Sidney Crosby Falling When Young!

(Or just hover over link with mouse and click in pop up to see video within this post)

Below is another more close in angle of the Fleury fall.



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2 responses to “No Shame in Falling for the Pittsburgh Penguins

  1. Zal

    I thought the Pens were simply outclassed in the Finals. They should be proud, though, as I think they’ll be a force in this league for years to come.

    Congrats to Chelly on winning another Cup! Heh heh… even though he didn’t play a game in the Finals (does that mean he won’t have his name on the Cup this year)?

    Is there a more classier player than Lidstrom? He is the true definition of “lead by example”, and yet is very soft spoken when interviewed. When pundits talk about MVP players, how come Lidstrom’s name is never mentioned?

  2. Zal,
    Do you know why Chelios did not play? I thought he was hurt, but not hurt seriously enough to miss all the games. Even when he recovered, did they just decide to make him a healthy scratch because the defense already had chemistry and was playing so well?

    Lidstrom. Yeh, I’ve never seen a player on defense that was so effective by not being physical. It’s almost like he doesn’t waste energy or time bothering with the hits, but just takes the puck, moves it, while everyone is wearing themselves out.


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