Whose Dreams? (,but ……….)

Often we hear a lot of expressions in our work surroundings relating to ‘teamwork,’ and ‘sacrificing for the common good,’ and ‘being unselfish,’ and ‘taking one for the team.’
These words usually have me feeling all pumped up, persuaded, and just ready to turn it up a notch with my head down ready to steamroll fatigue.

Then I read something from another perspective that was kind of sobering and put a bit of damper on my whole being. It asked us to think about all the energy and time being put into work, and whether we are contributing more to our boss’s dreams or to our own dreams? Or, even more painfully, in fact whose dreams are we fulfilling, if anyone’s?

A lot of us enjoy work, are treated well, but with life’s window increasingly getting smaller over time, and this existentialist question about ‘whose dreams’ welcoming our return home every night, how many people do you think can say they have come close to entering the world that they dream? Or do we too easily accept that dreams are something that we don’t actually do? Of course we see in the media, and read about all sorts of people becoming what they dreamt, but if were to take a more representative sample of the common folk commuting on the train each day, then might the question of ‘whose dreams’ cause a lot of hurt?

Or, is this just life? And the majority are for the most part, pretty happy, when you ask them in general, but always with a big BUT… inside their soul. In the window that is before us now, let’s climb and jump right through to complete and live out our sentences that come after ‘but.’ But, even better, turn these sentences into exclamations!

-Patrick Law


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