My Blog Has Laryngitis

We welcome back Sheri as she makes her third entry in her procrastinator diaries. Below, she talks about her recent disappearance from the blogging world. In my opinion, she’s doing quite good with her procrastination, if we can even call it that. She couldn’t blog due to a lightning bolt (more than a good reason); while most of us here, including me, haven’t been blogging due to procrastination (not a good reason). 

Sheri, thanks again for your humor and enthusiasm, and letting us know how much we should value blogging. On the bright side, your blog had laryngitis, but you didn’t! Glad to hear your voice again!

Please read her post below and see more of her writing at:

Egad!  It’s horrible!  I can’t talk…well, at least I can’t blog.  I’ve been diagnosed with blog laryngitis due to a lightning bolt rendering my wireless router thingamagig useless.  I was about to explode when I packed up my laptop and headed for my parent’s house and their wonderful wireless router thingamagig.  I am better now.  My fingers and brain are adapting to being used for blogging again.

Really, not good to not have Internet.  I not only couldn’t blog or read blogs or check my e-mails…I couldn’t even look up a new breed of dog I learned about or what years Franco Harris played or if the price of tea in China was up or down.  I was, well, impotent…yes, computer impotent…and, hey, there’s no little blue pill for that and no groups for those who are computertile dysfunctional.  No, I was on my own.  On my own in a big world without even a basic 812 speed or whatever it is all the computer people in the world talk about.  I had no gigs or hards or floppies or chips or updates…LIFE AS I KNEW IT ENDED!  And it was not good.  I hope to be up and running by tomorrow.  I hope to breathe again.  I hope to live through this crisis and come out on the other side unscathed and possibly a better person for it.  I can do it.  I…can…do…it.



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