Dishwater Soup

We welcome back Sheri as she makes her 4th entry in her procrastination diaries. In this post, she talks about what gets left behind when other urgent matters pull us away from finishing even the simplest of tasks. Isn’t it interesting that the tasks we put off often tend to be hygiene related? Do you think procrastinators may have more issues with cleanliness than others? 

Despite this, especially after reading Sheri’s post below, sometimes it may be not so much procrastination but having priorities you need to take care of. And if you travel miles upon miles to get what you need done, then even dishwater soup can not put a damper on your accomplishments.

Enjoy Sheri’s writing below and read more of it at:

I think I’ll make a little dishwater soup.  Dishwater soup is the end result of way too much procrastination.  The recipe is simple.  Take a pan…oh, let’s say the slow cooker I made a roast in a few nights ago.  Add a dash of crazy life…how about a phone call and finding out that you get to make an impromptu 900 mile dash the next morning.  So this info causes a chain reaction which leads to dishwater soup.  Grab the pan.  Crud.  There’s crud on the bottom.  The kind of crud that kind of gets stuck to the bottom of the pan and needs to be scraped out.  Don’t have time now.  Employ secret ingredients…fill pan with water, add a squirt of dish soap and set the concoction in the sink.  

This is the tricky part.  Step away from the sink and allow soup to ferment.  This is accomplished by leaving the house early the next morning, driving 900 miles, a round trip with a few stops thrown in during an 18 hour span, and arriving home at 2:30 in morning.  Then, the creme de la creme…husband pops in at 6:30 to say, “Hey, can you take the pickup down to get that part put in?  You have work to do down there anyway, don’t you?”  Down there is 40 miles away.  He adds, “I told him we’d have the pickup down there by 8:00 and I can’t go.”  Down there is still 40 miles away.  

At this point, I pass by the dishwater soup with my eyes crusted shut as I walk toward the garage. My car is relieved when I get in the pickup…I think the poor thing’s engine is still warm.  By the time I arrive home twelve hours later the soup is done…it helps to add heat and it was 90 degrees by two this afternoon.  There it is…a masterpiece of dishwater soup bubbling in my sink.  It only took two days to create.  A distinctive aroma greets me at the door.  It smells.  It seems to have taken on a devilish tone…a bit of an arrogant attitude.  “Yeah, lady, go ahead, dump me…I’m slimy and you’re a wimp.”  Dishwater soup…procrastination at its finest.  A true example of what we can accomplish by putting a relatively simple task off for a couple of days. 



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  1. Sheri,
    I much prefer you come home to dishwater soup than take time cleaning your pans to perfection, and delaying your long driving trip. If you needed to drive that many miles, it’s probably important. Wow, those are quite the miles! Hehe, I sometimes try to justify leaving the dishes soaked in water by saying it will make them easier to wash later.

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