Two Shiny Clean iPods!

It finally happened. It had to. I’ve been playing with fire for way too long now. And I got burned. In an effort to save, or out of pure laziness, or perhaps due to a lack of trust, I simply have been refusing to buy one of those armband wraps for my iPod nano (the version minus the video function). It’s pretty small, fits easily into my pocket, and maybe I just fear that the armband will lack fortitude during my most intense workouts, as I imagine my dear iPod nano somersaulting into the air while my hands are too occupied with free weights to catch the falling victim. Smash, thud, soundless.

So, the supposedly safe haven of my pockets continued to be its home. And this was the case a few days ago when I mowed my lawn, pumping out the tunes to make arduous work in the afternoon sun more enjoyable. The tunes did its job, as I had energy left over to spot treat some weeds, and also apply fertilizer to other areas.

When I came back into the home, I wasted no time stripping right by the door, as I didn’t want the gardening chemicals and odors to inundate the furniture and my sleeping domain. Strip, clothes right into the laundry, add some other dirty clothes, turn on the washer, go shower, go to iTunes and download some more motivating material for the next physical session. That’s my routine, and that’s what I did.

Yes, something went terribly wrong, and you may already be able to guess. Hours later, after dinner, I was ready to sync iTunes with my iPod when an almost swear word came out of my mouth. Where the $$$$ was my iPod? I practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs and rushed to the laundry room. No sound. It was done. I opened the door nervously and dug out my wet sweatpants. So clean, no stains. There was a lump in the left pocket. I dug out my iPod nano. So clean, no stains. But with some soap bubbles underneath the screen when I pushed against it. Take a look at my shiny iPod below.


iPod taken to the cleaners.

Soundless. The washer cleaned the music right out of it. If there’s any consolation, the headphones still work.

After a day of mourning, and needing music for my workouts, I decided to get the iPod Touch. With video options, and wireless capabilities, perhaps it can give an even bigger boost to exercise and other activities. I guess I’m stubborn because even though just fresh off learning a very expensive and painful lesson from having me and my iPod taken to the cleaners, I of course ended up stuffing the iPod Touch in where else but my left pocket. And this time I even bought the armband, but….you know…..

No worries. The iPod Touch is much more bulkier and hefty, and the protrusion in my pants is noticeably bigger, making it less likely that I’ll again absentmindedly overlook it. With this new toy, I just had to try out some of the new features at the gym. My gym has wireless access, so I wanted to see if I could link to the Internet, go to YouTube, look up some speed training videos, and pick up some tips to use right away.

Unfortunately, searching is quite the pain as the touch screen keyboard is not the most user-friendly. My fingers are not the biggest, but each press seems to be only a 50/50 chance of hitting the desirable letter. I’m sure it should get a little more efficient the more I do it but, at the gym, I started to lose the sweat and gains from my warm up while poking at the iPod screen. Perhaps the videos, and instructions, would be better used before entering the gym, and I should stick with only music during the workouts. Anyways, I couldn’t resist the novelty and I guess I had to justify making an expensive purchase by using it every chance I had.

When I got home, I had an idea. Wouldn’t using a stylus make for easier and less error prone use of the screen keyboard? I took the screen writing pen from a Chinese language inputting device and tried it with the iPod Touch anticipating an increase in efficiency. See the picture below.

Wouldn\'t a Stylus Make Sense?
Wouldn’t a Stylus Make Sense?

Alas, it didn’t work, no matter how hard I pushed. I know the iPod touch is not really meant for work purposes, but if part of the reason for its higher price tag is wireless access, then it probably needs a better keyboard device to facilitate web browsing. Is the iPhone better in this regard? I don’t know and I don’t plan to find out through personal direct use because this iPod touch will not be going in the wash!

-Patrick Law



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2 responses to “Two Shiny Clean iPods!

  1. Shkitty

    Ouch! I’m just waiting for something like your experience to happen to me with my i-pod nano. An increasingly busy lifestyle makes it seem easier for absent minded acts to happen in our rush for a day that’s more and more efficient. That’s an expensive lesson, but maybe you just really got tired of your old nano and subconsciously wanted new and fresh technology!
    As for those nano keypad buttons, I’m pretty sure I would mash ten letters at once trying to type in to that thing. Best of luck, though.

  2. Shkitty,
    Yep..I guess it was time for a new one….as I did desire a pod with video capabilities. However, the other one, was my first one, was my first time, and you never forget your first kiss.

    There were a lot of memories associated with it. It got me over the hill so many times when out of energy; a gift by a friend that was a total surprise;

    Though music can’t play from it no more…at least I still have the physical iPod, which I’ll put in a scrapbook or album……forever.

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