Deodorant Spray Instead of a Shower?

What happens when you maximize during workouts not only with intensity but with time as well? This is particularly intense when we try to squeeze in those training sessions at sunrise before going into work. What ends up being sacrificed? Well, surely not the workout itself. Get out of bed extra early, drive all that way, forgoing that warm breakfast, so damn it…no matter what…the workout is going to be damn good. Must be great. Not negotiable.

So, what goes? For a lot of people, it’s the showering afterwards. There’s no time! Cue the short cut! We workout and squeeze one more set of weights or stretching, and there goes the showering time. Deodorant can be put on even in a rush right? Can be applied in the car or while changing, or even while walking in the door at work. To make up for not showering, is it possible to put on a few extra coats?  To sort of extend and maximize the use of deodorant? Make it multitask?

If this is asking a bit much out of cheap, inexpensive deodorant, then maybe it’s a more fitting job for Tag Body Spray. That stuff is more expensive than it needs to be, probably because of suggestive advertising that exaggerates how the product is supposed to make you attractive to women. Fine, for something so pricey, it better be able to multitask! Spray, spray, spray liberally, as if you were under the shower!

Can this do the trick and get us through the work day until we can shower at home? How would this method rate on Mr. Manly’s Manly scale? Would he approve?

Happy shortcutting!

-Patrick Law



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4 responses to “Deodorant Spray Instead of a Shower?

  1. mistermanly

    Hi Patrick,

    That depends entirely on the effectiveness of said odor preventative. For instance, I had a roommate in college that could work up a foul aroma from the effort of toweling off after a shower. The collective wisdom of our circle of friends was that he had some defect in his body chemistry that secreted the same molecules form by decaying meat. I went through a tremendous amount of incense that year.

    Still, you asked for numerical ratings so:

    A mild smell gained from physical labor, +10 MU.

    A stronger than normal deodorant smell from covering up a skipped shower, 0 MU.

    A strong deodorant smell mixed with BO too powerful to hide, -10 MU and no invitations to lunch.

    Mister Manly

  2. Mister Manly,
    Thanks for your comments and ratings. I find interesting your ‘incense’ comment. With my father’s side being Buddhist, and of Chinese heritage, I’ve grown up accustomed to the incense smell. But I’ve had friends visit who almost gag in their own saliva after taking a whiff. For them, I wonder what’s worse? My natural body odor? My body odor covered up with deodorant spray rather than a shower? Or incense?

    Well, I made it through our staff Stampede breakfast and the entire work day without comments on my odor and/or my excessive deodorant usage. It could be they were being polite, but I watched closely and didn’t notice any nose twitching or body gestures that would suggest aversion to me. The real test comes later tonight when I see my father, because he tells it to me pretty directly. Last week, he flat out stated without euphemism: “You bring with you the scent of street on your body. Why do you constantly stink every time I get near you? Go take a shower!”

    I don’t know if he likes to exaggerate or if it’s true or maybe instead of euphemism, he was using some other kind of literary device to suggest something deeper. I don’t know, but I’ll dwell over it during a long, warm shower tonight.

    My blog shouldn’t stink as much for my next post.
    Thanks for your patience.

  3. Zal

    There once was a time when I didn’t even change shirts after a workout (ugghhh…). Reason being is I didn’t think it was warranted if I wasn’t dripping with sweat. Since I didn’t do much cardio training then, I didn’t perspire as much.

    That has definitely changed with the 5-mile runs I do on the treadmill. Throw in some plyometrics and a few sets on weights and my shirt and shorts are thoroughly soaked after a workout. Not only do I change, but shower thoroughly as well. No shortcuts in the shower for me after a workout – soap, shampoo, deodorant – the works.

  4. Zal,
    Remember when coach Wally Buono was in Calgary? And we saw him do laps around the stadium before the game? Even when it was scorching hot, we wore what looked like to be a black, long sleeved, rain jacket, that sort of resembled a garbage bag?

    There’s something to be said about sweat. Enjoy the dripping during your runs in Vegas!

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