Dusting Off the Brain, So it can Think of Ideas on Why Not to Dust

Is there a short cut to dusting? Open the windows to let the breeze blow it away? Yes, but then more dust will come in. Cover most furniture and items with plastic or some other kind of protective layer and then just throw away the plastic after a certain amount of time? Yes, but is this really a short cut? The time it takes to wrap valuables in plastic and then remove them, and rewrap, could be spent actually doing the dusting.

So, what could be a real short cut? Don’t dust. At least, don’t dust with a duster. I know it’s quite the leap going from methods to reducing dusting time to totally not dusting, so perhaps an analogy can be helpful. Would you only do a little bit of the hornet’s nest? You poke and prod a little bit, stick your nose in briefly, and the whole thing is likely to explode on you.

Could this be the same with dusting? My sneezing and allergies are manageable, but they totally go into overdrive once I start dusting. Is it better to leave the dust concentrated, undisturbed, in a certain area, rather than dispersing it over a wider range and having the particles fly airborne?  What’s that expression? Don’t wake up sleeping giants? Can this be a possible approach to take with dust? Or for those of us who are more mythological, could we be opening up a Pandora’s box when dusting?

I would continue this, but someone just threw a wet rag in my face as I’m typing this, to offer a not so subtle hint about the solution to my problem. Damn. I guess I’ll be wiping dust with this rag for the next hour. Indeed, despite the dangers, we end up getting honey, don’t we?

-Patrick Law



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2 responses to “Dusting Off the Brain, So it can Think of Ideas on Why Not to Dust

  1. mistermanly

    Hi Pattrick,

    No matter what tool you use to dust, there is absolutely no reason to apply it until ten to twenty minutes before you plan on cleaning the floors. That gives the dust time to settle onto the next surface to be cleaned, but not enough time to be kicked back up into the air. Even basic statistical analysis will show, definitively, that the only logical approach to this area of house cleaning is: dust, sip a glass of beer, vacuum. It’s important to have the beer in a glass, so the escaping carbonation can help keep the settling dust out of your lungs. It’s also important to have another glass of beer after vacuuming since, face it, no vacuum cleaner is perfect and some dust will be kicked up into the air. At times, it’s manly to be safe rather than sorry 🙂

    Mister Manly

  2. Mr Manly,
    Another creative approach by you. Wow, looking at things from a ‘man’s’ perspective, sure opens up a lot of windows. How come they don’t teach this stuff in school?

    In school, I learned that alcohol is a depressant. And that Asians are more likely to get red than others. I drank red wine the other night, and for some reason the sole of my feet were incredibly red and itchy.

    My friend also mentioned that Chinese families tend to more often wrap their remote controls in plastic to prevent grease stains.

    I still haven’t removed the cellophane wrapped adhesively around myself to protect the warrantee by being untouched.

    Men? Who am I?


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