Hairstyling as a Method of Time Travel

Not to put a damper on the great summer weather we’ve been having in Calgary the past week, but my hair! Sorry, thoughts of my flat hair and its refusal to stay upright have returned. Those who are accustomed to my frugal ways know that I often take short cuts when it comes to beauty products. That means, in these times of high food and gas prices, I have scrimped on the hairspray and gel. Or, I try to make the present bottle/tube last as long as possible.

In a previous post I talked about how unwashed and sticky hair can be an effective, short-term substitute to make your hair hold a particular yoga pose. Today, in this summer heat, I am dreaming of winter, and wondering aloud if the ice cold freeze would be a better alternative.

I yearn for those childhood days when getting up with such youthful exuberance, never sacrificing the comforts of a morning shower, and hair still wet while chasing the bus and trying to maintain traction on icy patches. Yes, I can never forget my fascination with how the bitter cold would just freeze my hair in place. It sort of made missing the bus worth it.

Of course now, worries of pneumonia and other illnesses predominate the mind. And I guess, once indoors, the frozen hair will eventually melt and be no more effective than water in sculpting the follicles. Still, that pure joy I had on my face running across the fields of winter, with nature as my hairstylist. Maybe these short cut thoughts of holding my hair in place are really indicative of some inner urge to freeze myself in time.

-Patrick Law


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