What the Far Reach of Customer Service Can Touch!

Customer service seems to be remembered and appreciated even more when it comes from unexpected sources. Obviously, in a good company, quality service should be expressed and evident in the work from all areas and employees of the organization. However, I think customers especially take notice when an employee goes outside of his/her area or job description, in order to provide a service and satisfy the customer. In these cases, we see employees who think on their feet and problem solve quickly on the spot. And we remember!

The experience I remember as a customer is when I was at the Talisman Centre in Calgary (a fitness facility) and had a bit of an accident with my water bottle. The workout was going great, I was in flow, feeling good, and taking a big swig of water from my fancy bottle in between my sets. As it turned out, I got a premature shower instead. In mid-drink, with the bottle titled at optimal angle for delivery, it suddenly exploded into my face!

Admittedly, it was refreshing, but also quite embarrassing, as I sent nearby patrons scattering away in the midst of their exercises. My friend joked that my training must have been paying off as evident from my mere grip strength squeezing a bottle to its breaking point. I wish. More probable, it was a fancy looking, poor quality bottle, fragmented on the gym floor.

At that time of the incident, I could not quickly locate or see nearby any weight room or maintenance staff. However, I did spot someone in a work uniform who I recognized as working in food services on the other side of the building. Maybe he was on a stroll, on his break, or coming in for a workout? Anyways, there was a big pool of water and I grabbed his attention to see if he could find somebody to help me clean up the mess. He notified someone, then told me he’ll go try and find maintenance or cleaning staff, took a few steps, and quickly returned saying it’ll probably be faster and less disruptive if he cleaned it up himself.

He grabbed many towels sitting beside various weight machines, and combined them together to soak up the water. Then he found more towels and we started to dry up the floor. Patrons, as a result, were able to continue working out in the affected area with very little delay and inconvenience, and on a shinier floor. What a great job by someone who doesn’t work in the exercise area!

As for me, I finished my workout, albeit a bit more thirsty because water was not as accessible being minus one water bottle. Perfect. I made sure to go buy a drink at food services!

-Patrick Law



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3 responses to “What the Far Reach of Customer Service Can Touch!

  1. Zal

    Good customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. In this case, the Food Services worker still offered assistance to the customer, even though it wasn’t his area of responsibility. It is great customer service acts such as this that have members renew their passes, moreso than the facility itself.

    In a similar vein, I also have had great customer service at Good Life Fitness, as my Personal Trainer always comes up to me when he spots me in the gym to chat. Even though my sessions with him are completed, he still takes time to see how I’m doing with my running and cardio regimine. Even though he has many clients, he remembers that I play ball hockey, run Half Marathons, etc and specifically asks me about these.

    Small things like these definitely go a long way in the eye of the customer.

  2. I haven’t been by in a while but wanted to say hey! This was pretty funny – ! definitely a great example of customer service!

  3. Zal,
    Yes, I’m always amazed at how health professionals can remember so much about you considering they see so many clients and patients. I’m grateful for a physiotherapist who I haven’t seen for many months, and who can ask about the progress of the exact body part and exercise I was working on the last time I was in.

    In contrast, I’ve also had a physiotherapist who forgot which knee I injured. So, I do a particular balancing exercise on my strong leg first to get the feeling and how it should look, and receive comments “Great job! Looks like you’re totally improving!” I then had to give an uncomfortable reminder that it’s my other knee that’s troublesome.

    I’m sure we’ve all had experiences with a health worker who started looking at an incorrect body part that is not injured. They are so busy, and we certainly can understand. However, the people who can remember, creates a much better impression. Hmmm…but, still, I’d rather have a doctor who is forgetful, but does a good job, then someone great at remembering and doing customer service, but lacks the medical skills….

    Welcome back, and thanks for returning to say hi! Always glad for opportunity to provide some humorous stories. Thanks for making it a part of your day!


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