I Shouldn’t Have Posted This Because It May Lack Evolutionary Value (Sorry)

There is nothing like going through a fantasy football draft. Talk about a tool, a game, that can exacerbate your procrastination into depths inescapable. I go into every year promising myself not to spend too much time, not to get too caught up, and just to make picks quickly without too much thinking, but I inevitably fail.

For me, it’s not actually my own pick that is the time-consuming and mind-distracting problem. It’s the emotional up and downs of receiving emails concerning all the picks made by others. The sound effects are incredible! More often than not I make excruciating sounds when a player is chosen whom I’ve been coveting and hoping would fall to my draft position. But every odd time, I feel utter elation when a player is chosen who isn’t even on my radar or entire cheatsheet list!

It’s just a game, but how can something so seemingly simple as selection make us feel so all over the place in our attraction to it?  Is it because we finally get a feeling of being the selector rather than the selected, and enjoy the psychological change in perspective?

Really, is there any need to post this? Is there any really need to make too much out of fantasy football? No, but why do I post, and why do I play, and why do I make too much out of it, even though I said ‘no?’
Can Darwin help in this kind of selection?

-Patrick Law


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