Creating Opportunities with ‘Accidental’ Visitors

When a visitor enters your premises, but is actually in the wrong place and looking for something/somewhere else, how do you usually respond? I think most of us quickly relay to the visitor that the current place is not correct and politely give directions to the desired location. That’s what I usually do.

Upon reflection, can this be a great opportunity to pump up customer service and promote the place that you work at? Even if the visitor did not intend to come to your place, if we create a strong impression, they may return in the future. And, instead of just quickly pointing the visitor to another direction, are we able to combine this with a quick sentence or two introducing what we do and what our services are?

We naturally think of keeping our regular customers satisfied and targeting specific customers to attract, but perhaps awareness to the potential of ‘accidental’ customers can create unexpected opportunities.

-Patrick Law



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2 responses to “Creating Opportunities with ‘Accidental’ Visitors

  1. Great Post!

    I’ve never really given this much thought…maybe I should haha:)

  2. Hello Clinton,
    Thanks for visiting this blog. Yeh…I usually don’t think much about it as well. But today got so many visitors asking for directions to some place else, it just got me thinking how to encourage them to make us a place of destination in the future.

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