Elections Are Coming! Both in U.S. and Canada!

If we’re into politics, the upcoming few months should be an exciting time. Even if we’re not, it still should be exciting, at least from the stand point of comparing the differences in scope and approach with regards to the 2 respective countries.

Mr. Manly, in comments at his blog, gave some initial reaction to why Americans do not take much interest in Canadian style of politics.

Also, yesterday, in the Globe and Mail, there was a unique article with the perspective of how the American system is much more democratic than Canada. It gives further info about some of the main differences between the 2 systems. I do agree that in America it seems easier to participate and feel a part of it. Is this true, or more an illusion? Hmmm…..

Suffice to say, we’re going to get a lot of varying opinions from different vantage points, and it’ll be a great time to learn from contrasts and comparisons.


-Patrick Law



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4 responses to “Elections Are Coming! Both in U.S. and Canada!

  1. mistermanly

    Hi Patrick,

    It is easier to participate down here. So easy in fact, that in every election several thousand people manage to cast their votes from the grave. We, it would seem, have a very open minded and inclusive society 😉

    Oh, and another reason we don’t pay much attention to Canadian politics is because there aren’t enough of you. That make your elections seem more like our State elections, and we pay scant attention to those as well. For that matter, you need to keep in mind that a majority of our population either doesn’t bother to vote or votes strictly by party without having the faintest clue about who they are pulling the lever for. You should also note that more of our general population believes that UFOs are space craft piloted by beings from another planet than can name our current Vice President. Still, apathy seems to have worked out fairly well for us so far, but that could change at any time.

    Mister Manly

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  3. Mr Manly,
    It’s interesting these comparisons between countries, as you mentioned many don’t bother to vote, but I don’t think the apathy level can reach the current levels here in Canada. I’m guessing that many Americans don’t vote, don’t put it high on the priority list, yet they still take an interest in the charisma, personalities, competition between the parties.

    Here? I think many first reactions to the election announcement was, “What? Not again!”
    Yeh…this tendency to have elections frequently and for a party to call an election, or create circumstances where others force an election, where the timing is most opportune for reelection..this has got to stop and change.

    And just today, a coworker probably summed up what a whole majority are probably thinking when she said, “We already know what’s going to happen here in Alberta…everybody will just vote for the Conservatives.”

    This predictability also leads to apathy and creates a vicious circle where many think it’s needless to vote.

    When I observe the American election build up from a distance, it’s a set time, so the public are not burnt out as much..is that true? The current race seems more fresh…is very unpredictable, and full of potential surprises, right? Even just the primaries…a year ago…we maybe could not have said Obama and McCain would be the ones standing.


  4. Fkkkkeir

    Fk you bSh!!

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