Silence Does Not Mean Assumed ‘Procrastination’

I am sorry. Since starting this “Procrastination Post” blog, in its current form, this has been the longest lag in between writings. I guess with the up front, obvious title of the blog, it already contains a ready made excuse for the gaps. Maybe it sets up the dismal expectation to expect many intervals of stunted growth, regression, stops and starts, and in inordinate number of apologies.

Sorry, I am not going to apologize, and I cannot accept our ‘Procrastination’ title as a motive to provide a convenient reason and acceptance of failure that is inevitable. I cannot. It’s as if we purposely put this label in bold font right out front, carrying placards to set the bar real low in order to minimize the impact from the fall when we trip.

No. I must insist that it is to the contrary of all these assumptions. It is to show, explore, consider what value can come out of digging ourselves out of the hideous hole we started with. And that we refuse to accept our predicament and struggle even more desperately to fight and climb. And that we will write to reflect light on another side of our world underneath. Our label is not something to trip over, step on, nor to foreshadow a message of upcoming weakness and disappointment.

And if I am, in fact, simply incriminating myself in this latest post and providing more evidence to fuel previous assumptions, then at least we can still be the prosecutors of our own guilt.

Thanks for your patience over past couple of weeks, knowing that even while we are silent, we are still writing and digging even more profusely than what can be sighted here.




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2 responses to “Silence Does Not Mean Assumed ‘Procrastination’

  1. I know how it is. Somethings you just don’t get the motivation or the time, always the two largest factors.

    Anyways, I have your blog on my RSS aggregation so I’ll be watching for new posts:)


  2. Hello Clinton,
    Thanks again for being so giving with your time. Means a lot to have your set of eyes scan some of my writing in your RSS, and I much appreciate it.

    Of the two factors you mentioned, I don’t think I’m lacking in motivation these days and, while time is a challenge, I think I struggle when there is maybe less than fifteen minutes of prime time for creative pursuits and I worry that I’ll feel unfulfilled to start something and not able to have some kind of finish. So, I wait.

    Yet, I do admire and want to learn from others who can do something creative even with the gift of only a few minutes, and they can satisfy themselves so immensely and produce something of meaning in only a fleeting moment.


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