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This page just has a brief summary of what some of the categories found in this blog mean. While some are obvious, we pay more attention here to explaining how certain categories relate to our exploration of procrastination.

Detours: Psychology of Driving

Driving is a prime opportunity to explore the topic of procrastination and to participate in the act of procrastination. We often have to take detours because of construction, road closures, or traffic jams, but of course some of us purposely take detours and go the long way around. Why?

And why do we so often say, simply, that we need to go for a drive to release? Or to wind down? Or to clear our minds? Or to fill our minds? Or for some thinking time. Why? With so much time being spent in cars these days, let’s explore some of these stories, our surroundings, and what we think we see in other drivers.

Driving, the ultimate time-killer. In some instances, is the time worth killing?

Interview with the Procrastinators

This section contains transcripts of question-answer sessions, discussions, conversations with a variety of procrastinators in an effort to learn how they struggle, cope, and maybe even thrive when dealing with procrastination in their lives.

Unless consent is given, real names are not used to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Picture of the Day

Just a photograph trying to capture a slice of life while reflecting on possible meanings and interpretations. For procrastinators, a common and convenient method to use while delaying something. Most have a forest of photo albums and digital pictures to go through to occupy time. If there’s a fear of the pending, forthcoming future, then photos are a natural way to revisit the past, live in it a bit, and hold off upcoming arrivals.

More positively, we can also use these pictures for reflection about how we see the world and find some way to make use of it in action in the present and future.

Procrastinator Diaries

A few procrastinators will be keeping ongoing diary entries written in their own words as they reflect and interpret their procrastination experiences.

Unless consent is given, usually pseudonyms are used to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Rapid-Fire Reactions

The method in posting in the category is helpful for procrastinators in that it forces them to react and act from the gut quickly, impulsively, and naturally, without too much thinking, planning, and preparation. The rule for these postings and comments is that writers go with what they initially feel, write rapidly on a range of topics, and take no longer than a couple of minutes on each topic. Keep on jumping with minimal time on the ground in between!

Short Cuts

Since procrastinators are often delaying, they end up being short on time and need to cut some corners. Here is a humorous look at some of the novel methods we may use.


Naturally, at one time or another, procrastinators are going to have trouble sleeping. If we put off tasks to the last minute, we are going to feel the pressure as the deadline of the night approaches, and sleep will be sacrificed. Even if we get to bed, chances are our minds are still buzzing from just finishing an intense project. This section comments on sleep experiences, struggles, and ideas for better sleep. Perhaps just reading and writing about it will benefit?


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