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Gut feelings, quick responses; no more than 2 minutes on each topic; jump, jump, jump on a range of issues, but don’t stay and dwell for too long for fear of procrastination.

From Greetings to Spending Resiliency to Losing Pictures

To prevent procrastination, two minutes maximum to write on each topic. Let’s go, go, go!

Absent Greetings

Ever come across someone who said ‘Hello, how are you?’ Of course you did; almost everyday, many times over. With these common greetings how many of them are said with deep sincerity, feeling, and concern? Or are many of them simply out of habit, repetition, and automation…nothing more than exhalation.

Here’s a test we can use to examine the authenticity of a greeting. When you answer and reciprocate, ‘Fine, how are you?’, do you get another response? Today I did that numerous times and got absolutely no further response. That means the person did their perfunctory greeting without real thought and was not really intent on listening to my response. I’m often guilty of this as well. We often focus more on what we speak, and when the words are done, we kind of let go of our attention a bit, as if our major work is done.

Am I Resilient When I Spend?

This morning when listening to the business news on the radio, I heard an analyst comment on the current US situation. His voice was full of admiration when summarizing the latest report about how consumer spending exceeded expectations despite being in a depressed economy. His tone was very complimentary, almost encouraging consumers as ‘resilient’ when they spend.

Spending can be beneficial to stimulate the economy, but can it also be detrimental to immediately use up a portion of your tax rebates? It’s almost as if in any 50/50 situation, the message is to spend, and when we do, it gets reinforced. Are we too easily spending without enough consideration?

I am not sure on a broader economic level what is best for an entire country but, after hearing this morning’s report, about the ‘resilient’ consumer, how come I don’t feel very resilient, or comfortable, after giving some of my dollars to contribute to the latest positive retail report. I know, I know, I’m such a small speck in the ocean, but…

Deleting Pictures or Deleting Yourself?

Today I overheard someone in utter panic when she accidentally pressed a wrong button, or function, and erased all of the vacation pictures in the digital camera. She then yelled, “Oh my God! My entire vacation is gone! I lost my whole vacation!”

I didn’t say anything out of consideration, but I was very worried. I know she was just referring to her pictures, but the emotions and level of panic sounded like she didn’t go on vacation at all, which was of course not true. Pictures are nice, maybe even very, very important, but nothing can substitute what we have in our minds, memories, and hearts.

Maybe if she kept a journal, she can share that? Or start a journal to write out her memories so they can be passed along? Or start a recording about her verbal thoughts and reflections on her experiences? In this age, we sometimes are almost convinced that if we don’t have hard evidence of what we did, then it wasn’t authentic or as real.

-Patrick Law


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From ‘Dressing Scantily’ to ‘Washroom Timings’ to the ‘Second-Hand Smoker Guilt’

To prevent procrastination, two minutes maximum to write on each topic. Let’s go, go, go!

Spring Cleaning Fashion

With the start of spring being delayed because of prolonged snow and rain, when the sunshine finally arrives for brief stretches, are people more desperate to immerse into the season? I ask because, in Calgary, 2008, with warm weather days being few and far between, when we do get the sun, are there more people wearing less clothing than years before? Are we desperate to take advantage even if it’s not even that warm? Are we pretending, fantasizing? Or do we just wear less clothing because our genes have improved due to evolution? Regardless, it just appears that people are more eager to shed off layers this year than in the past.

Washroom Bargains: Three trips for the price of one!

You know you’ve been in the washroom a long time, perhaps losing track of time, when you get up, wipe, wash your hands and just as you are about to leave, turn back around because you notice that you have to go again. Pee, poo, and then pee again, all within one trip.

I’m a Healthy Weakling

I went to an establishment that had second-hand smoke last night. Today, I’ve been sneezing all day. The smoke must have kick started some kind of allergic reaction. This proves that my body and health systems are weak, unable to fend off a night of smoke. It also gives credence to people who argue that we shouldn’t hide ourselves from exposure to all potential harm and dangers. I have avoided smoke religiously for years and now my immune system gets shocked and is not ready for even a minor trespassing of the fumes. Okay, I’m just giving myself my own medical excuse and rationalization for revisiting the Grey Eagle Casino again, and often, to sample more of their excellent buffet while getting my body used to fighting second-hand smoke again. How do I explain to my mother and convince her that is true that I went to a smoking establishment not to smoke, and to a casino specifically not to gamble? I feel like I’m such a sinner, even though I cannot really pinpoint what I did wrong?

-Patrick Law


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