Procrastinators Wanted

Are you a procrastinator or were you one? Would you like to share your experiences to help others learn more about this topic?

Here are some ways you can contribute:

-become an interview participant

-write some articles or postings about procrastination

-react and comment on the various writings in this blog

If this project sounds interesting to you, please consider posting a message below and indicate whether you would be interested in being a regular procrastinator with us and contributing writing or other materials to this blog. If so, you can be added to our author list and we can work together in helping procrastination be ‘productive.’


3 responses to “Procrastinators Wanted

  1. I am a procrastinator. I always say I just work better under pressure. Drives my husband nuts. Excuse me, dear, but I like to think about things for a while before jumping in with both feet, two large hips and voluminous stomach folds. Yeah, I procrastinate…I believe it makes me interesting…perhaps quirky. It fits my life…I hate being late though…for anything…I procrastinate, but then get where I need to be…Yeah, Sign me up…Grandma Sheri,

  2. Grandmasheri, good point about how procrastination can sometimes force you to perform under pressure. One purpose of our site is to consider all aspects of this theme, including the positives.

    Thanks for your time and interest in this blog. I’ll get in touch with you and see how we can collaborate and share more of your ideas on this topic. Thanks!

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