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Henry Burris and His Complaining Puts an Asterisk on my ‘Go Stamps Go*’

The Calgary Stampeders play the Montreal Alouettes for the CFL Grey Cup Championship on Sunday. Being from Calgary, of course I’m cheering for the Stamps. However, I am a bit disappointed at how our quarterback, Henry Burris, reacted after not being voted as the league’s Most Outstanding Player. He did his fair share of whining and complaining about how his team (really he) fails to get respect and recognition. But, ironically, when using that ‘we were robbed and disrespect’ card of not coming out on top of any awards as motivation, this method may backfire and be a reason that critics will use back against them if the Stamps should lose.

In this case, I would agree with the critics. Leading up to this week, as well as at beginning of playoffs, Burris and his loud mouth kept emphasizing how most important is the team award and the Grey Cup at the end of the road. So why is more noise being made about these outstanding player awards? If you really want to make a statement, and prove to everyone that you were ‘wronged’, then just shut up, stay quiet, have an amazing game Sunday, and then talk all you want after. Actually, you wouldn’t even have to talk, because the results would speak for themselves and everyone would realize how they overlooked the Stamps and would then respect them even more for just focusing on the team goal. Wouldn’t this be an even more powerful statement than trying to yell it in everyone’s ear?

Just from a glimpse at some of the fan reaction, even a lot of Stamps fans are embarrassed by the comments Burris made. He is representing the city in a way that I think most of us do not want to be portrayed.

And if we must count, Burris has won one playoff game with the Stamps so far, and he did not have anywhere close to the ‘definitive’ game, as it was more Calgary’s defense and special teams that kept them in it. What about the other years when his turnovers cost the Stamps in the playoffs? Was he voted off the island? Least most valuable? Some may have had their gripes inside, but I don’t think many players would publicly announce how bad he played. So, now that things are turning around, I don’t think there’s any need to announce how good you are…or how good you want people to say that you are.

You barely squeaked by BC, and the way you are talking makes it sound like because you beat BC…and topped the West, and that the West is the tougher division this season, and you beat all the teams in the West throughout the year, that should give you the MVP award? All this noise before playing the Grey Cup? It’s like Burris already assumes, and is saying it loudly in his whines, that they are the better team just because they are from the West, and Montreal is not as deserving cause they play in the East? Maybe Montreal should be the ones feeling a lack of respect, and not so much Burris!

I know it’s more of a psychological ploy to create an ‘us versus the world’ mentality, but the story does not need to drag on. Again, if it ends up working, and Burris has the game of his life, good for him. And I’ll celebrate the Stamps’ great achievement, but will still wonder about the priorities of Henry Burris. He’ll always have that asterisk beside his smile.

Go Stamps Go*

-Patrick Law



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Not Just a Degree in Football…

There was a great article this morning in the Calgary Herald about the intelligence and smarts of certain football players. You can click here to read the full article. It helps debunk the common stereotype we often have of jocks that they have gifted physical and athletic attributes, but are lacking substance upstairs. I still remember the expression used to make fun of an introductory Geology course in university. People called it “Rocks for Jocks” because it had a reputation of being easy and the class was filled with student athletes looking to get some easy marks, or just hoping to get by.

But, as mentioned in the Herald article, take a survey of any football team, and take a look at the student athletes combining school with athletics across our campuses, and we can see that there are many examples of abilities that transcend the playing field. Already sports, in itself, is such a valuable education for learning leadership, teamwork, adversity, pressure, training, practice, and perseverance skills. With smart players, they are more likely and able to apply and transfer these skills in other contexts in the community, business, and education world during and after their athletic careers.

In the Canadian Football League, especially, with the salary being relatively low for professional athletes, knowing and learning about what players do outside sports makes them more in touch with the common folk. I think an athlete’s true power and influence comes when he/she is able to motivate not only other people in the same sport, but when someone who is totally in a different field gets inspired to go beyond limits because of an athlete’s example.

-Patrick Law


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