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Reacting to News on Dangers of Farmed Fish

Today, in the Globe and Mail Newspaper, there was an article warning about the health concerns of eating farmed fish, more specifically tilapia. The title of the article is: “Farmed tilapia may be no better for you than a doughnut.”

Basically, they found that farmed tilapa contained higher level of omega-6 fatty acids (too much is bad for you), and lower level of omega-3 (which we need more of), than wild fish. Apparently, what is done to the fish in the farm (i.e. feeding the vegetable oil, etc…) is not producing healthy fish and, in turn, is not healthy for people who consume this kind of fish.

You can click here to read the entire original article.

As an Asian Canadian, who has been bred and raised about the benefits of fish, this news knocked me back a bit. 3-4 servings per week of steamed fish has been part of my diet since forever. Automatically, my initial response is what kind of fish am I buying at the supermarket? Even if I get the fish fresh, swimming in a tank, could that be from a farm?

Unfortunately, while the article is informative, it did not give details that most consumers would want: how do we know what we buy is farmed or wild? Will it be obviously on the labels? Are there regulations requiring accurate labeling? I think there should be an attempt by the newspaper (writers) to provide answers to these kind of questions.

I did a quick search on blogs, and web, and didn’t find direct answers immediately. Perhaps I should just go directly to stores and ask, and check the labels?

I did find another blog that provides useful information if living in Japan.

If you know of where to find more information on this topic, please give some suggestions.


Patrick Law



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