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Bend Over and Kiss That Goodbye

We are appreciative of Sheri for taking time out of her busy life to share a very important second entry in her diary. I admire how humor is always a constant companion along her side when facing health challenges at a particular life stage. Her attitude and approach in learning from experience, and helping others through her story, is an inspiration for us all.

Thank you for your honesty and openness in allowing us to learn from your personal life of how procrastination can be a danger to health. Enjoy her post below and you can see more of her writing at her blog:


I’m pretty sure I just about procrastinated myself out of my life as I know it. I put off getting my Happy 50th Birthday Colonoscopy for a year and a half. I procrastinated long enough that my little polyp grew up to be a big polyp and maybe a tumor and maybe I’m lucky I didn’t put it off any longer. It might have saved my life. I know at this point it saved me from wearing a new fancy accessory in the form of a bag. I don’t really adapt that well to change so I don’t think changing my way of doing my daily duty would be all that fun. Sounds crass, but hey, after you’ve drank a gallon of colon lube and been investigated in places you’ve never had investigated, you get a little less demure.

My husband, being the anti-procrastinator, scheduled his 50 year checkup to fall the week after his 50th birthday. Maybe it makes him feel superior to be so organized. I just looked up at him in awe…while thinking of reasons I should put off having my colonoscopy done. I probably should try to emulate him a bit more…but as I’ve said, change ain’t easy for a chick like me…and I certainly wouldn’t want to prove him right.

I did give my dearly beloved a big thank you for nagging me for a year and a half. He and my best friend wouldn’t let it go. They told me I needed to get it done. They were right. I was wrong. Gosh, I hate saying I’m wrong…It’s a good thing it doesn’t happen very often…okay, it does, but I don’t usually admit it. That’s another thing I procrastinate about–admitting I’m wrong.

I don’t procrastinate when it comes to saying thank you. Thank you for saving my butt…literally and figuratively. Now I am the poster child for “Get ‘er done!” A colonoscopy could save someone you love. So, need a conversation opener? How about, “Have you had a colonoscopy recently?” or, “Seen any good colon scopes lately?” Push aside that procrastination tendency and go for it, you might be blessed you did. I sure was.




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